The Knowledge Pillar of the WACA Platform is critical to identify priorities for coastal resilience investments and to facilitate countries’ access to the best global expertise and knowledge. It is currently coordinated by the World Bank. Various knowledge products will be produced to guide intervention strategies in natural capital, nature-based and sustainable infrastructure solutions, new or updated WACA Multi-Sector Investment Plans, and migration and gender aspects. The Platform is developing long-term partnerships among countries, regional institutions, and global partners to enhance the effectiveness and impact of initiatives and investments. Knowledge exchanges remain a key tool to enhance knowledge transfer.

The WACA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): composed of regional and global experts, it will provide technical advice and generate knowledge products that will guide interventions. An Interim TAC (iTAC) has been established for now.

The  African Center of Excellence (ACE) for Coastal Resilience: hosted by the University of Cape Coast, the WACA ACE will be a network of academic and training institutions that will provide the courses and training needed for the people of West Africa to better manage coastal areas.

The West Africa Coastal Observatory: currently facilitated by the Centre de Suivi Ecologique and building on the West Africa Coastal Management Scheme, the Observatory will produce a “State of the West Africa Coast Report” that will highlight biophysical and socioeconomic trends and indicate the actions needed to maintain healthy and productive coastal areas.

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