The Knowledge Pillar of the Platform is critical to identifying opportunities and priorities for coastal resilience investments in the region, and for facilitating WACA countries’ access to the highest quality global expertise and knowledge. Currently, the Knowledge Pillar is coordinated by the World Bank.

The WACA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): An Interim TAC (iTAC) has been established to provide advice. The iTAC includes a set of regionally and globally experts. The WACA Center of Excellence for Coastal Resilience: Hosted by the University of Cape Coast, the WACA ACE will form a network of academic and training institutions to eventually provide the courses and training needed for the people of West Africa to better manage coastal areas.

The West Africa Coastal Observatory: Currently facilitated by the Centre de Suivi Ecologique, and building on the West Africa Coastal Management Scheme, the Observatory will be producing a “State of the West Africa Coast Report” from which bio-physical and socio-economic trends will indicate where actions may be needed to maintain healthy and productive coastal areas in West Africa.

A number of discrete knowledge products that aims to establish new intervention strategies in areas of natural capital and nature based-solutions, new or updated WACA Multi-Sector Investment Plans, sustainable infrastructure solutions, migration and gender aspects of coastal resilience. A full list of ongoing studies related to WACA is available.The Platform is developing long-term partnerships between WACA countries, regional institutions, and global partners to enhance the effectiveness and impact of WACA-leveraged initiatives and investments. Knowledge exchanges is one of the tools to enhance knowledge transfer.

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