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WACA's contribution to the Folivi-Joe government's reforestation strategy
July 01, 2022 - Radio du Littoral

Guests: Commandant Telou, Head of Division at DRF, Yawo Komi, Deputy Coordinator of WACA-Togo, Prefectural Director of the Environment in the Lakes, 
Bamoudna Félicien, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist 
Captain Alnass Djamyl Ghazy 
Akati Sylvain, Head of the NGO AjediJ

Guests: the Director of the company Boskalis International BV 
representative of Lackner Amtea ;  
Adou Rahim Alimi Assimiou, Coordinator of WACA-TOGO; Yawo Komi, Deputy Coordinator of WACA-Togo 
César Eusebio, Coastal Engineer of WACA; Agnama, Fishermen's Representative 

Guests: Mr. Leguede, Prefect of Vo 
Togbui Anyron Dravie, Chief of Anyron Kopé, Prefectural Director of the Environment of Vo
Adou Rahim Alimi Assimiou, Coordinator of WACA-Togo; Yawo KOMI, Deputy Coordinator of WACA-Togo
Nadari Lookman, Social and Gender Safeguard Specialist of the WACA Project

Guests: Edoh Komlanvi, Secretary General of the Bas Mono Prefecture;

Anani Djogbessi, Mayor of Bas Mono

Adou Rahim Alimi Assimiou, Coordinator of WACA-Togo

Yawo Komi, Deputy Coordinator of WACA-Togo

César Eusebio, WACA Coastal Engineer

Alex Houenekou, Head of the NGO OVAD

Guests : Me Alexis Coffi AQUEREBURU, Mayor of the commune of Lakes; Dr Kodzo KUDADZE, Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Environment and Forest Resources; ADOU RAHIM ALIMI Assimiou, Coordinator of WACA-TOGO; Yawo KOMI, Deputy Coordinator of WACA-TOGO; César EUSEBIO, coastal engineer of WACA; Anani Akpé WILSON, director of the NGO, AVOTODE; G

Radio du Littoral
Coastal erosion in Goree Island: WACA's solutions
July 23, 2022 - Radio du Littoral Senegal

Guest: Mr. Abdoul Wahab Sow, Environment Officer and WACA Focal Point, Goree Island

Theme: Coastal erosion in Goree Island and WACA's solutions.

In Senegal: shows are produced on RSI national radio covering the whole country on Saturdays at 11 am with rebroadcasted. Shows are produced in French and Wolof. 

Program will help understand how coastal degradation impacts; raise awareness on the urgency of action; and engage communities on solutions brought by WACA.

Radio du Littoral
Launch of the WACA Annual Report and Twitter campaign
May 31, 2021 - WACA Program

Send us your question and Join the conversation in French or English using #AskWACA. Our experts, Christophe Deguenon and Peter Kristensen  will answer by video on June 2, 9 am (ET).

Radio du Littoral
Living on the edge: Dovi’s story
August 30, 2016 - World Bank

Dovi Woollens has lived along the coast of Baguida, Togo for her entire life. She makes her living from the sea, by selling fish and seafood in her local community. In recent years, Dovi has struggled to make ends meet because fish are no longer as plentiful, and it’s harder to have a good catch.

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