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Eight broadcasts in 2023 : A satisfactory assessment of WACA Togo's radio du littoral.

WACA Togo held a press conference at their headquarters, attended by journalists.

On February 9, 2024, WACA Togo held a press conference at their headquarters, attended by press bosses, signatories of partnership agreements and the journalists who run Radio du Littoral.

The aim of the press conference was to review Radio du Littoral's performance over the past year. Of the nine (9) programs scheduled for 2023, eight (8) have been produced.

Of the eight broadcasts, a variety of themes have been developed, including long-term coastal protection work, the promotion of wood energy, sustainable management of community forests, the development of protected areas and marine submersion.

Other themes, such as multifunctional platforms, pollution control and gallery forest restoration, were also addressed, with the help of 45 specialists, beneficiaries and local authorities, to enlighten communities and the general public. What also made these broadcasts a success were the rebroadcasts and summaries made in local languages by certain radio stations, which should be systematic for all radio stations from 2024 onwards. As for the print and online press, brief reports on the project's actions will be inserted in their publications to provide the public with more information.

All participants agreed that there should be an innovative twist to the coastal radio show.

In order to break the monotony of the program without changing its structure, the last few minutes will be devoted to question-and-answer games with prizes on the subject under discussion, to test the level of knowledge of the listeners and the community present.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the management unit to share with its media partners the new projects for 2024, on which particular emphasis should be placed in terms of communication.

These include implementation of the social sub-project, "Strengthening the resilience of fishing, fishmonger and market gardener communities along the Gbodjomé - Sanvee Condji coastal segment to the effects of coastal erosion", coastal protection work on 7 km of the Gbodjomé-Agbodrafo segment, with the construction of 22 groins financed by the Agence Française de Développement, cleaning of the Gbaga Channel between Benin and Togo, and flood control in the commune of Aného.

Discussions on these various points were conducted in the presence of coordinator Dr Adou Rahim Alimi Assimiou and other specialists.

In a convivial atmosphere, the media partners of Radio du Littoral and the PMU brought the meeting to a close.


Date: 2024-02-13


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