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Empowering displaced women in Djougop: Saint-Louis Emergency and Resilience Recovery Project donates utility vehicle and processing equipment

Women receiving utility vehicle and processing equipment.

In a significant initiative, the Djougop women engaged in processing activities were presented with a valuable contribution from the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA). This donation, handed over on Tuesday, comprises a utility vehicle and essential preservation equipment.

During the donation reception ceremony at the Regional Development Agency (ARD), a spokesperson emphasized, "We have faced considerable challenges transporting our products to markets. This vehicle will greatly alleviate these concerns for our collective members." She added that the preservation equipment would breathe new life into their activities. Notably, the perishable nature of fish products had led to substantial losses during periods of high temperatures.

This benevolent gesture is a fruit of the partnership with the Saint-Louis Emergency and Resilience Recovery Project (SERRP), as articulated by Mamadou Diallo, responsible for WACA's conservation unit.

Mandaw Gueye, the regional coordinator of SERP, extended appreciation for the collaboration between these two entities, supported by the Nordic Development Fund and the World Bank. This joint effort is aimed at assisting the distressed populations.

Gueye shared, "Both parties are committed to expanding their endeavors, aimed at reinstating normal living conditions for these communities."

He further highlighted, "This initiative, endorsed by both partners, will benefit around 80 women, with plans to continue the momentum."

The Municipal Development Agency - ADM Senegal, the implementing body of SERRP, is actively constructing 500 residential units at the Diougop site. This comprehensive development includes all necessary infrastructure such as water supply, electricity, drainage networks, pumping stations, and roads, facilitating the permanent relocation of the affected populations from the Barbarie peninsula. The ultimate goal is to accommodate approximately 15,000 displaced individuals in the Gandon commune.

To enhance the quality of life for these residents, the Diougop site will also feature vital social amenities including a health center, market, socio-educational center, preschool and elementary school, and a mosque. The project remains dedicated to offering effective and sustainable solutions to the challenge of restoring livelihoods through innovative strategies.

It's worth noting that the overarching objective of SERRP is to "diminish vulnerability to coastal risks for populations residing along the Barbarie peninsula and strengthen urban and coastal resilience planning in Saint-Louis." This endeavor is a collaborative effort between the Senegalese government and the World Bank.



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