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Grand-Lahou: visit to the Bandama River for the stabilization of the sandy beach

WACA Cote d'Ivoire accompanied by pre-selected companies visited to the Bandama River.

To address the urgent problem of coastal erosion, the WACA team in Cote d'Ivoire, accompanied by all the pre-selected companies, conducted a site visit from January 18 to 20, 2023, to the mouth of the Bandama River, in connection with the construction of the stabilization work of the sandy beach of Grand-Lahou.

The objective of this mission was to allow the pre-selected companies to get an idea of the construction work of the stabilization work of the sandy strip of Grand-Lahou. The Deputy Coordinator of the WACA Project, Head of Delegation Prof. Eric Djagoua, explained the need for this visit which is part of the recruitment process of the company that will be responsible for the work. "Seven companies have been pre-selected to allow them not only to propose their technical and financial offer but also to see in situ the extent of the work to be done," said Prof. Eric Djagoua.

Present at this ceremony, Mr. Roland César Gogo, Sub-Prefect of Grand-Lahou, representing the Prefect of the Department, said he was very happy with this mission that he said he welcomed with great joy.

This is for him an indication of the tangible progress of the process related to the realization of the stabilization of the sandy cordon and an argument to answer the multiple questions of the populations on this subject which we recall it saw disappearing a great part of their inheritance in particular the cemetery of Lahou-Kpanda where their parents were buried since decades. 

The stabilization of the sandy cordon will not only restore the coastal environment, but also allow the populations of Grand-Lahou and all the Ivorian coastline to regain their peace of mind.


Date: 2023-03-16


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