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Ivory Coast: WACA commits to restore the ecosystem in Grand-Lahou wetlands

In Ivory Coast, WACA commits to restore the ecosystem in Grand-Lahou wetlands.

In Ivory Coast, WACA Commits to Restoring the Ecosystem in Grand-Lahou Wetlands.

Launched in 2018, the WACA program has implemented many initiatives to maintain and restore wetlands in the city of Grand-Lahou and its surrounding villages.

One of these major initiatives is the reforestation of mangroves in the so-called wetlands of this region. These areas contain an incredible animal and plant ecosystem that is unfortunately disappearing due to the abusive exploitation of fishing and mangroves. 

As a result, the restoration and protection of this ecosystem is urgent, as it provides the people of Grand Lahou and the 4 surrounding villages with animal resources, especially fish, but also wood, which are the main sources of income and means of subsistence for them. 

The objective of the World Day 2023, whose theme is "Revitalize and restore degraded wetlands", fits perfectly within the framework of the WACA project, which focuses on managing the coastline and improving the resilience of the population in dealing with coastal degradation. 

A total of 25 hectares will be restored by the end of 2023 by the populations themselves, through the planting of mangroves, thus marking their commitment and support to WACA, for the restoration of Grand Lahou wetlands.


Date: 2023-02-20


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