Blog | 2023-04-27

Radio du littoral: a WACA project initiative to strengthen communication with local communities

Above view of the audience in Agouegan (Lakes) during the broadcast.

The WACA program has launched an interesting initiative to communicate with beneficiary communities: the " Radio du littoral " radio program. This program is designed to maintain a direct link with local populations and to address their concerns regarding project activities.

Radio du Littoral is hosted by journalists from partner media, local and traditional authorities, and WACA Togo experts. Together, they travel to the most remote hamlets to create a symbiosis with the beneficiary communities. This initiative has already been very successful in Togo since its inception in early 2022.

Indeed, the Radio du Littoral broadcasts have become an opportunity for local communities to express themselves, ask questions and share their concerns. The broadcasts are not only a means of direct communication with the local population, but also a time of joy and happiness for the inhabitants of these coastal areas.

The program is broadcast every last Friday of the month and has become a habit for a large number of listeners. The local populations have assimilated the concept of Radio du Littoral and now feel involved and concerned by the different actions of the project.

This program is now in vogue in all the countries involved in the WACA program and is experiencing significant success, which justifies its continuation.  

Dr. Romain Kokoutsè YENKE, WACA Togo Communication Specialist


Date: 2023-04-27


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