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Togo: building resilience in fishing communities highlighted by 20th Radio du Littoral program

The 20th Radio du Littoral broadcast in Togo focuses on strengthening resilience in communities.

Raising awareness among beneficiaries, focusing on "strengthening the resilience of fishing communities, fishmongers and farmers in the Gbodjome - Sanvee Condji coastal segment against the effects of coastal erosion", is an ongoing project. With this in mind, on March 29, 2024, in Agbodrafo, commune lacs 3, the 20th edition of Coastal Radio was dedicated entirely to this subject.

This sub-project, developed with the support of the World Bank and other partners, aims to strengthen the resilience of communities impacted by coastal erosion and climate change. Over a 2-year period, it will focus on improving product processing capacities, conservation techniques and crop marketing methods.

Efficient organization of beneficiaries and an optimal working environment are at the heart of this initiative, aimed at guaranteeing a sustainable increase in beneficiaries' incomes. During the 1.30-hour broadcast, WACA managers and beneficiaries outlined the activities, equipment and training planned to ensure the success of the project. In addition, new applications will be considered on an individual basis.

In 2024, a major innovation at Coastal Radio will be the introduction of a competition with prizes, designed to test listeners' knowledge.

Author: Alice Sando


Date: 2024-04-16


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