Blog | 2021-05-20 Togo

WACA ResIP Project: Last Wave of Journalists Equipped in Notsè

The objective of this activity was to educate and educate media professionals. 

After Lomé and Tabligbo, it is now Notsè's turn to host a "training and information workshop for journalists on the WACA ResIP project and the issue of coastal erosion". The meeting took place on 16 and 17 April 2021 in the presence of a group of web, TV, radio and print journalists.

The objective of this activity was to educate and educate media professionals in order to get them more involved in the communication activities of the WACA-ResIP project. These media professionals are among the actors targeted for the outreach activities.

The other objective was to set up a platform of journalists and communicators to better relay information on the project's activities.

WACA ResIP is an investment project for the resilience of coastal zones in West Africa. It intervenes in five (05) specific areas: "Coastal protection, flood control, pollution control, biodiversity and forest conservation and sustainable land management", explained Dr. ADOU RAHIM ALIMI Assimiou, National Coordinator of the project.

On the agenda : the presentation and exchange around the WACA ResIP project and its areas of intervention, the protection of the main ongoing activities and coastal protection works, the Complaints Management Mechanism (CMM) and its functioning, the collection of data for the processing of environmental information and coastal erosion, the site visit of a community subproject, etc...

Scheduled to last from 2018 to 2023 in Togo, this project which covers six (06) West African countries, is financed by the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility and partly by the Togolese State.



Date: 2021-05-20
Location: Togo


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