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WACA Senegal: fish-processing women from Mboumbaye receive training in simplified accounting

Women fish processors from Mboumbaye received training in simplified accounting from WACA Resip.

Under the West Africa Coastal Areas Resilience Investment Project (WACA Resip), women involved in the halieutics processing industry in Moumbaye village, located in the Saint Louis region in Senegal, benefited from a training course in simplified accounting, which began on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

Mamadou Diallo, environmentalist and social safeguards officer for the WACA project, explained, " In an effort to make the Unit Processing Halieutic Products (UTC) operational, the project has set up a capacity-building program, including training and coaching sessions to improve governance as well as the economic and financial stability of the group."

Group's president, Dieynaba Sow, welcomed the initiative and expressed her gratitude to the Government of Senegal and its partners, notably the World Bank and the Nordic Fund, for their support in setting up the Mboumbaye UTC. She underlined the innovative nature of the products developed by the local women, which use new and renewable energies, thus reinforcing their energy autonomy. With the integration of the UTC, the women's group is gradually being transformed into a fully-fledged business.

Fisheries technology consultant Momar Yacinthe DIOP, a trainer for the WACA project, highlighted the fact that women are generally not accustomed to keeping rigorous accounts, which can have an impact on the financial management of their structure. He stressed the importance of this training session for a change of perspective in terms of management and highlighted the benefits of a more structured approach in terms of organization, health, nutrition and technology.

The training aims to enable women to better manage their organization and build confidence among all members, while maximizing the benefits derived. The five-day training course ended on Saturday March 09, 2024 in Saint-Louis.


Date: 2024-03-11


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