News | 2020-10-13

The WACA Team is Pleased to Notify the Results of the Longlisting Process.

A total of 12 competitors have been longlisted out of the 22 that submitted their Expression of Interest. Initially the intention was to longlist only ten proposals, however due to the high level of the proposed material, the WACA team decided to longlist 12 candidates. The number of candidates that will be shortlisted in the second phase, upon presenting the detailed proposal, remains unchanged (5 proposals will be shortlisted out of the 12 longlisted).

The WACA team will communicate to all EOI’s applicants, those that have been longlisted and those that have not, the strengths and weaknesses that were identified during the review process. A brief summary of all longlisted proposals will be uploaded to the WACA website and also feature in a World Bank knowledge product (Innovation Book). 

The longlisted candidates have now been invited to prepare a Detailed Proposal, which will need to be submitted by September 3, 2020 at 11:59pm Washington DC time (the submission deadline was extended by 3 days, as requested by applicants), via the WACA dedicated portal ( The Detailed Proposal shall consist of a maximum of additional 10 pages for each of the Thematic Challenge chosen for your EOIs. This means that a maximum of 10 pages is expected as Detailed Proposal if only one thematic challenge was chosen in the EOI, a maximum of 20 pages for two, a maximum of 30 pages for three, and a maximum of 40 pages if all four thematic challenges were chosen. 

As for the EOI process, once a Detailed Proposal is submitted there is no way to withdraw it, nor to add more information. Therefore, longlisted competitors are invited to submit theirDetailed Proposal only when they have all required information ready. The submission portal will be open approximatively 10 days before the deadline, and will be closed at the deadline. The WACA team will send a notification to longlisted competitors when the portal is open, and a reminder when the portal is about to close. 

Depending of the Thematic Challenge(s) chosen, the Detailed Proposal may include one or more of the following details to explain how the proposed innovation(s) may assist with sustainably managing sediment movements and water flows in ports, lagoon systems and canals, and reducing environmental impacts and unwanted coastal erosion:

  • Detailed description of the type of infrastructure that you suggest that could be put in place;
  • Detailed description of the infrastructure planning measures and port and lagoons operation management practices that you suggest that could be implemented;
  • Detailed description of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) features, business models, and contracting options that you suggest that could be adopted;
  • Detailed description of good global practices examples in ports and lagoons management and successful case studies that you suggest that could be proposed to West African countries;
  • A summary estimate of what it would to cost to implement your proposed solution; 
  • A summary Social Impact Assessment associated with your proposed solution;
  • A summary Environmental Impact Assessment associated with your proposed solution.

During the Detailed Proposal phase applicants will have an opportunity to ask questions to WACA up until August 25, 2020 at 11:59pm Washington DC time, via the dedicated WACA email ( The WACA team will send a notification to longlisted competitors when the Q&A session is about to close. Relevant questions and answers, which will be provided by the WACA team, will be posted on the WACA website under the FAQ section. 

Once all Detailed Proposals are submitted, a panel of experts, which will be made of internal and external experts appointed by the WACA team, will be evaluating the Detailed Proposals and select a Shortlist of the 5-best innovative ideas. The rating will be based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation - The solution devised is unique, innovative and/or patentable;
  • Feasibility - The solution is feasible in the context of port and lagoon operations and demonstrates clear value proposition of solving the identified problem/s, with a real likelihood to succeed;
  • Adaptable to national context - The solution could be implemented and replicated in the context of WACA countries (both physical and feasibility, but also financial and O&M);
  • Impact - The solution has a clear measurable impact on eruption (improvement of sediment disruption and reducing coastal erosion);
  • Co-benefits - The solution presents additional benefits including environmental and socioeconomic;
  • Implementation Readiness - The solution demonstrates viability in developing or emerging countries and the capacity to be deployed within the next 3-5 years.

More details of how to submit the Detailed Proposal and on the shortlisting evaluation process will be posted on the WACA website in the coming days. 

Shortlisted proposal will be notified of being shortlisted by October 2, 2020 and will be invited to prepare a 5-slides summary presentation of their idea, which will need to be submitted by October 30, 2020. The shortlisted competitors will then be invited to present their presentation in person (subject to travel advisory concerning COVID-19) at the Demo Day which is expected to be held in Washington, DC on November 11, 2020 and which will also be broadcast live via the WACA website. The 5 competitors will have a 10/15-minutes session for pitching their idea to a Jury made up of a mix of external and internal experts, followed by 15-minutes open session for question and answers. This would provide the opportunity to receive further international recognition and visibility, as the five proposals will be shared amongst a pool of potential investors that will be watching and reading about the Demo Day.

The top-3 winning competitors will receive further exposure as they will be invited to have a follow-up meeting via remote connection with World Bank members to discuss opportunities to make your proposals more visible. Top-3 winners are also eligible to receive monetary prices, for a value up to US$ 50,000, the details of which will be announced on the WACA website upon selection of the 5 shortlisted competitors.

The WACA team thank all applicants for their enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated so far for this Call for Innovation, and wish longlisted competitors all the best for the next phase of selection.”


Date: 2020-10-13


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