Blog | 2024-01-08

World Bank support mission to Grand-Lahou: coastal erosion stabilization works assessed

Photo of a delegation from the World Bank, led by UCP WACA, visiting Lahou-Kpanda in the Grand-Lahou.

A delegation from the World Bank, led by UCP WACA, visited Lahou-Kpanda in the Grand-Lahou department on Monday December 4, 2023, as part of a support mission to tackle the problem of devastating erosion in Côte d'Ivoire's coastal zones. The purpose of the visit was to examine the sites earmarked for sand barrier stabilization work and gain a better understanding of the reality on the ground, as well as to assess the activities of the project's pilot site.

On arrival, the World Bank's Head of Operations spoke positively about the visit, expressing his satisfaction at seeing the damage caused by coastal erosion in the region. Mr. Toni Averheijen stated that he had come to assess the progress made in the management process, particularly with regard to the implementation of activities to protect coasts and villages affected by climate change.

According to the World Bank Operations Manager, during their visit to the mouth of the river, the delegation noted that erosion had swept away several graves in the village cemetery, threatening the Catholic church and several village concessions. He stressed the urgent need to rapidly mobilize the necessary resources for the construction of a stabilization structure.

The Préfet of the Grand-Lahou department, Thierry Brahim, expressed his gratitude to the World Bank team for its commitment to the WACA project.

Present during the visit, the Mayor of the commune of Grand-Lahou, Ali Cissoko, expressed his satisfaction on three levels with the completion of the project. He emphasized the project's historical importance in restoring the history of the village, its social impact in ensuring the peace of mind of the local population, and its economic aspect in promoting fishing in the region.

For their part, the inhabitants of the region once again appealed for urgent assistance from the State of Côte d'Ivoire and the World Bank, so that they can finally regain peace and quiet in their daily lives.


Date: 2024-01-08


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