Strategic roadmap for better plastics management in Accra

The Strategic Roadmap aims to present a timebound plan to implement solutions that will improve plastic
management in Accra and its surroundings at all the stages of the plastic chain (importation, production,
manufacturing, distribution, consumption, collection and recycling) and for all the different types of
stakeholders (international, institutional, private, informal and civil society).

Plastics sector competitiveness strategy and action plan for Côte d'Ivoire

This document is based on findings from the first phase of the Invest in Africa Côte d'Ivoire Manufacturing project involving desk review and one on one interviews with key stakeholders In the next phase, the team will move from one on one interviews to a series of smaller group workshops to verify the information gathered and to disseminate new information among the industry The preliminary results presented in this report serve as input for the focus groups and the EDW.

Plastics sector competitiveness strategy and action plan for Côte d'Ivoire

The use of plastics has increased twentyfold worldwide in the last 50 years and is expected to double
in the next 20 years The food packaging, medical, automotive, electronics, building construction, agriculture and textile industries all make extensive use of plastics It is widely recognized that plastics play a crucial role in a sustainable future.

WWF plastic pollution in Africa: identifying policy gaps and opportunities

There is currently no comprehensive report or reference available on the state and impacts of plastic pollution in Africa specifically, or on the policy and legal frameworks required to address this challenge from an African context and perspective. This report aims to fill this knowledge gap by providing a brief glance at the plastic pollution challenge in Africa, the policy options available to address it and recommendations on the policy frameworks still required to tackle the challenge urgently, holistically and in a coordinated manner.

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