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Floods in Senegal, are retention basins part of the solution?

In Dakar, Senegal, floods are major disruptions. Pape Goumba Lo, Geologist discusses solutions.  

ACECoR and Japan advance integrated sediment management in West Africa

WACA Japan visits Ghana to assess coastal situation and future prospects based on coastal engineering.

São Tome e Príncipe: WACA promotes safe port operations

In São Tome e Príncipe, WACA is boosting the capacity of the INM-STP to reduce risks.

Regional Observatory of the West African Coast (ORLOA)

WACA and ORLOA partner to monitor coastal resilience in West Africa.   

WACA as part of the solution in Unpacking the Plastics Challenge

This extract is part of an immersive story by the World Bank. Read story here. 

WACA Project: Thomas Louis Price, WACA Bar Coordinator / IUCN Senegal Office talks about prospects

The eighth meeting of the Regional Steering Committee, what are the prospects?

Blue Economy for Resilient Africa Program

Africa has an opportunity to unleash the potential to develop a resilient blue economy.

Présentation à Abidjan d’une loi sur la protection du littoral ivoirien

La loi sur le littoral ivoirien, a entre autres pour objectifs de lutter contre l’érosion côtière.

Grand-Lahou: visit to the Bandama River for the stabilization of the sandy beach

WACA Cote d'Ivoire accompanied by pre-selected companies visited to the Bandama River.

The Great Green Wall and the West Africa Coastal Areas Management (WACA) Programmes Case Study
- Washington DC

Africa Case Study: The Great Green Wall and The WACA Program, by Maria Sarraf.

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