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West Africa’s Coast: Losing Over $3.8 Billion a Year to Erosion, Flooding and Pollution

West Africa’s coastal areas host about one third of the region’s population.


Breaking Down Barriers to Private Sector Investment to Build Resilience for West Africa’s Coasts
- Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The celebration of Earth Day this week should cause us to consider the state of our planet.


West Africa’s Fading Coastline

In the latest episode of Afronomics, we explore the importance of protecting coastal cities.

World Bank Board Approves WACA Resilience Investment Project

The World Bank Group approved today a package of $210 million in financing for a regional project.

St Louis, Senegal: Coastal communities facing waves of change
- Dakar, Senegal

Saint Louis’s coastal community is losing ground to the ocean each year.

Living on the Edge: Dovi’s Story
- Togo

Dovi Woollens has lived along the coast of Baguida, Togo for her entire life. 

Dutch Expertise Welcome for West Africa Coastal Management

Coastal erosion and flooding in West Africa severely threaten communities and livelihoods.

Benin and Togo: Combating Coastal Erosion Through Physical Investments

The World Bank has approved $36 million in additional financing.

Why a Call for Innovation?

Some development challenges in coastal areas are so complex and have multiple options for solutions.

Preserving Mangroves to Enhance Coastal Resilience

Did you know that each year, mangroves store the equivalent of carbon emissions from 26 million cars?

Where Rice, Mangroves and Dikes Connect in Guinea-Bissau

A look at the relationship between protecting and restoring mangroves and rice cultivation.

Présentation à Abidjan d’une loi sur la protection du littoral ivoirien

La loi sur le littoral ivoirien, a entre autres pour objectifs de lutter contre l’érosion côtière.

The Great Green Wall and the West Africa Coastal Areas Management (WACA) Programmes Case Study
- Washington DC

Africa Case Study: The Great Green Wall and The WACA Program, by Maria Sarraf.

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