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The Great Green Wall and the West Africa Coastal Areas Management (WACA) Programmes Case Study
- Washington DC

Africa Case Study: The Great Green Wall and The WACA Program, by Maria Sarraf.

Dutch Expertise Welcome for West Africa Coastal Management

Coastal erosion and flooding in West Africa severely threaten communities and livelihoods.

Regional integration for coastal resilience is showing results

WAEMU Commission organized the seventh meeting of the Regional Steering Committee (CRP).

Compendium : coastal management practices in West Africa

The report offers options for managing coastal risks. It presents best fit coastal management.

Cote d’Ivoire: Coastal women commit to work with WACA

Women of Grand Lahou, Cote d’Ivoire, brainstorm on how to collaborate with WACA.

WAEMU Ministers strategize on biodiversity, Protected Areas, and coastal and marine management

In Juin 2020, WAEMU ministers, experts and partners met in Dakar.

Engaging with coastal voices for the health of our oceans

Improving the health of our oceans is indeed a matter of survival.

Benin and Togo: Combating Coastal Erosion Through Physical Investments

The World Bank has approved $36 million in additional financing.

Why a Call for Innovation?

Some development challenges in coastal areas are so complex and have multiple options for solutions.

Regional observatory of the west african coast (ORLOA)

WACA and ORLOA partner to monitor coastal resilience in West Africa.   

Preserving Mangroves to Enhance Coastal Resilience

Did you know that each year, mangroves store the equivalent of carbon emissions from 26 million cars?

Securing the banks of Guin Island in Aného: 18,000 mangrove seedlings

The WACA ResIP Togo project has just launched the community sub-project for securing the banks. 

Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR)

WACA and the University of Cape Care partners for innovation in coastal resilience.

The Regional Coastal and Marine (PRCM) Forum wrap up

The Forum gathered experts and high-level representatives across national institutions. 

The 8th WACA ResIP 1 Regional Steering Committee

The 8th WACA ResIP 1 Regional Steering Committee, led by WAEMU was opened by M. Jose Tonato.

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